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These $60 3-Pack Ralph Lauren T-Shirts Are The Best You’ll Ever Wear

The perfect fit and soft as a baby’s bum.

If there is one thing that everyone, literally everyone, in the world wears, its t-shirts. Whether you rock them with jeans, tucked into shorts (with socks and sandals) or underneath a dress shirt, the humble t-shirt is an essential no one can escape. Considering they’re such an essential basic, it’s surprising that most people decide to settle for such mediocre examples. It begs the question though, what makes a great t-shirt. Well – there are two things you should consider, fit and fabric.

A great t-shirt should fit just right, it shouldn’t be skin tight but nor should it be baggy. The sleeves should be around mid-bicep and a crew neck is the most versatile and timeless collar. The fabric should be soft, supple and comfortable, but shouldn’t sacrifice on durability. Even though the perfect t-shirt has few requirements, it can still be overwhelming to find the right one. The solution? Ralph Lauren’s 3-pack t-shirts.

Constructed entirely from quality cotton, in arguably the perfect fit you really cannot look past these t’s. To make your life even easier you can score yourself 3 for only $60, which is an absolute bargain. The pack comes with three colours – white, black and grey heather all of which will pair perfectly with anything you have in your wardrobe. Why not make your life easier, more comfortable and stylish? Score yourself a set (or two) of the ultimate basic t-shirts.

Having purchased these t-shirts multiple times we can vouch for their awesomeness. 

Shop Ralph Lauren 3-Pack T-Shirts $60

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