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This $130 Rolex Daytona Alternative Is Too Good To Pass Up

Get the look for less. A lot, lot less…

As I write this piece, the cheapest Rolex Daytona listed for sale is around $16,500 AUD and the cheapest new (2016+) Daytona is listed at just over $30,000 AUD. Both of these prices are simply ridiculous but reflect the current demand for Rolex’s arguably most iconic watch. ‘Rolex’s most iconic watch’ is a title that isn’t given easily, especially when considering its range is also home the likes of the Submariner, GMT and Day-Date, but the Daytona combines an iconic style, functional features and a precise swiss movement. It’s this distinct features, particularly it’s style, that has made it the favourite of today’s wealthiest as well as style icons like Paul Newman.

It’s plain to see that the Daytona’s biggest drawback is its price and it seems that this won’t be changing anytime soon and they continue to appreciate in value, so where does one turn when they want the stylish, good looks of the Daytona without the Ludacris price tag? Well, Rotary’s latest Chronograph Watch might be the answer.

Currently, on sale for $130, 60% off it’s $320 retail price, the Rotary Chronograph is a far cry from the Rolex Daytona pricing wise, but aesthetically and functionally they’re nearly identical. Both watches feature a chronograph function that includes three ‘sub-dials’ on the face as well as two ‘pushers’, a tachymeter bezel and stainless steel construction. From a small distance, you’d be hard-pressed to tell the difference between the two. So if you’re on a hunt for a watch that looks and functions like a Daytona for a fraction of the price, look no further.

Shop Rotary Chronograph Watch $320 $130 

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