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The $139 Rolex Inspired Watch That’s The Perfect Gift For Your Lady Friend

She’s a classy lady.

We’ve all been in the position where you want to get your lady friend something nice for their birthday or for Christmas. What does one get said lady friend though? It’s a difficult question to answer, especially when you’ve got your heart set on getting her a watch. You’ll look overkill if you get her a Rolex (unless you’re married and have the cash to do so) but you’ll also look stingy if you get her some $15 el cheapo special from Wish. Luckily for you, we’ve found the perfect middle ground that’s stylish, affordable and thoughtful.

Meet the Timex Waterbury 34mm. Constructed from a combination of silver stainless steel and gold stainless steel, not only does the watch look great, but it’s built to last. It also features a Jubilee bracelet, date window with cyclops, fluted bezel and markers at each hour which in combination with the silver and gold colourway makes it look rather similar to the far more expensive and iconic Rolex Datejust. Timex is no spring chicken though, founded in 1854 they know how to make a quality watch.

Priced at $139, it isn’t the cheapest watch out there, but then again you don’t want it to be. It’s sophisticated and stylish with a heritage to back it up and is bound to be a home run. Most importantly though, it shows you’ve put some thought into her gift.

Shop The Timex Waterbury 34mm $139

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