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Score $800 Off This ‘Made In NYC’ Men’s Reversible Trench Coat

Four styles, one coat.

Whilst there is some dispute as to whether the trench coat was invented during the first world war or earlier, there is no disputing the trench coats immense popularity some 100 years later. This long history has helped make the trenchcoat a wardrobe essential and is a testament to its timeless design. With an array of trenchcoats available today, it takes something special to make one stand out from the crowd, and Todd Snyder’s most recent example most certainly does.

Made in New York from Italian water-resistant plaid and waterproof khaki, the coat might seem like any other high-quality trenchcoat, but it hides a secret that makes it a cut above other trenchcoats your likely to encounter. This special feature is a reversible design, meaning you can wear either the khaki or plaid on the outside, providing you with two very different looks. In addition, you can remove the waist belt making the jacket closer to a mac coat. How’s that for versatility – four jackets all in one.

The Reversible Mac Trench is now on sale for $599, 57% off its $1398 retail price making this ultra-versatile jacket a very, very sweet deal. Not only is it versatile, but its high-quality materials and timeless design will ensure you can continue to wear it for years to come.

Shop Todd Snyder Reversible Mac Trench $1398 $599

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