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Score This Cool & Affordable Men’s Tracksuit Set Perfect For Flights Or Hangovers

Rugged and comfortable.

Tracksuits have a special place in our hearts and for one specific reason – they’re simply the comfiest item of clothing around. Traditionally considered a ‘sloppy’, unflattering item of clothing, in recent times designers have been pushing to make tracksuits more and more acceptable with interesting designs, materials and cuts. 

Enter the Flint and Tinder Camo Tracksuit. Made from midweight french terry with a subtle dark green and brown camo pattern, it is the perfect middle ground between warmth and usability keeping the wearer warm enough in winter with the ability to be worn in the transitional seasons.

As a full set, the tracksuit is close to the ultimate long-haul flight fit and will also work well at the gym (channelling your inner Rocky) or lounging around the house. Separate the pants and the hoodie and you can easily pair them with other items from your wardrobe like simple white t-shirts and sneakers or jeans. 

The pants are priced at $88 and the hoodie at $98 which is rather reasonable for such a high-quality tracksuit set, especially when you consider the near-boundless opportunities you’ll have to wear it and the supreme comfort it will bring to your life. 

Shop The Camo Tracksuit Hoodie $98

Shop The Camo Tracksuit Pants $88

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