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This $91 Sweater Is The Perfect Gift For The Man Who Needs Some Christmas Cheer

Get in the Christmas spirit, without the daggyness…

Love or hate them, Christmas sweaters are a reality of the festive season. Problem is, they’re big-time daggy. Whilst it’s great to get into the ‘Christmas spirit’, no stylish gent wants to look like their uncle who looks like he could still be dressed by his mum. Fear not, there is now a sweater that will show off your Christmas cheer (somewhat), all whilst ensuring you’re the best-dressed man in the room.

Made by Bluemint, a British men’s beach and leisurewear brand, the ‘Diego’ sweater treads the line between stylishness and Christmas spirit with aplomb. It’s a simple crew neck sweater with an embroidered polar bear holding a surfboard. Whilst that combination isn’t the first thing that pops into your hear when you think Christmas, it combines the cold Christmas conditions of the northern hemisphere with the summer hemisphere’s warmer Christmas climate. Ultimately it’s one part Christmas, one part style, which – being the dashing gent you are – is an important combination.

The detailed and unique embroidery is a cool combination and when on a simple crew-neck sweater isn’t too ‘shouty’ like some Christmas sweaters can be. Bluemint has built a reputation for quality, timeless garments and this is no exception. Priced at $91 and available in either grey or navy, it will serve you well for many Christmas’ to come. 

Shop Bluemint ‘Diego’ Sweatshirt $91

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