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Chrono24 Launches New Feature Every Watch Aficionado Needs To Try

What watch is that?

As any watch aficionado will know, identifying the timepiece on another man’s wrist can sometimes be a laborious task. Unless you really do know your Tags from your Tudors or your Rolex‘s to your Rados, working out the wristwear can be a time-bending business.

Sure, you might be able to tell from distance that it’s an Omega he’s wearing, because of the bracelet style, but the exact model can remain an enigma. Fortunately, Chrono24 can lend a helping (second) hand, with its new Watch Scanner feature.

Built within the current Chrono24 app for iOS and Android, the Watch Scanner can be used to take a picture of a watch somebody is wearing either in real life or of a photo. Because the app requires you to position the watch dial clearly within the camera’s field of view, you will have to ask your new watch-wearing friend if he can hold still.

However, once you have taken a photo of the unidentified time teller, Chrono24 will search its database of over 15,000 watches, as well as in excess of one million images from some 6.5 million listings (both current and previous) on the Chrono24 site. Your search result will include, brand, model, reference number and current estimated value, both pre-owned and mint condition. We’re certainly going to try pitting it against our Captain of the good ship D’Marge, who rates himself as a top watch detective.

If you’re in the market to sell one of your own watches, you can have a listing on Chrono24’s site in no time, as the scanned image will automatically include all the basic information for you. The company has promised that the more people use the Scanner function, the more it will learn new makes and models to constantly build its database.


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