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This $45 Hot Sauce Kit Is The Perfect Gift For Your Spice Loving Friends

Spicy Santa.

If there is one thing everyone loves, it’s sauce. There is no doubting that salsa, whatever form you enjoy it in, is the best condiment around, and the one sauce that has become more popular than ever in recent times is hot sauce. Whether you’re down to burn your tastebuds with a Carolina Reaper special or prefer something on the milder side, hot sauce will add a much-needed kick to any of your blander meals.

The best part about hot sauce is that there are an array of benefits to eating it. The consumption of hot peppers can help your digestive tract, heart, reduce joint pain, increase your metabolism, fights colds and the flu, and reduce the risk of cancer. In addition to these scientifically proven benefits, hot sauce doesn’t typically contain a whole lot of sugars or artificial ingredients. In fact, there isn’t really much nutritious value to them, but in comparison to sugary barbeque sauce and tomato sauce, hot sauce is a whole lot better for you and you still get some great flavour.

Enough about how good hot sauce is; for $45 you can score yourself a W&P Design Homemade Hot Sauce Kit. You can mix and match a selection of chillis or peppers to create the perfect heat and flavour profile for you. If you’re not a huge fan of hot sauce, it’s quite possibly the perfect gift for anyone you don’t know that well or someone who has everything. Whatever or whoever you’re going to buy it for, $45 is a bargain for the perfect hot sauce and the experience of making it yourself.

Shop Homemade Hot Sauce Kit $45

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