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This Unique $195 Pilot’s Watch Stands Out For All The Right Reasons

Not flashy, not gaudy; unique.

The most common watches these days follow a simple formula. They’re most likely shaped like a dive watch, feature a black and white dial, a rotating bezel and a stainless steel bracelet. Truth be told, there isn’t anything wrong with these timepieces, they have their place in the watch world, but what if you want something different? Something unique? Well, Jack Mason’s Aviator watch might be the perfect solution. 

Immediately, the white dial with red markers stands out, but for all the right reasons. The stark contrast between the clinical white and the bright red draws the eyes in to examine the dial in closer detail, revealing the unique use of SwissSuper Luminova markings, 5-minute interval markers and of course the distinct alpha hour and minute hands. It’s this uncommon combination of colours and design cues that separate the Aviator from any other watch available today.

Plus: it isn’t just the dial that’s unique, the smooth stainless steel case and oversized crown are refreshing in a world dominated by ornate rotating bezels and small, screw-down crowns. Lastly, the minimalist Italian leather strap is a luxurious touch but instead leaves focus on the watch itself.

Jack Mason’s Aviator is a high-quality watch that will help you stand apart from the crowd. Priced at just $195 it’s also a very affordable proposition, something most ‘unique’ watches are not.

Shop Jack Mason Aviator $195

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