This $150 Sterling Silver Cuff Is The Best Introduction To Men's Jewelery

Time to score yourself some bling.

For a long time, the only acceptable men’s ‘jewellery’ was a watch and a wedding band. But those days are now long gone. Today it’s ‘acceptable’ for men to wear all manner of jewellery including rings, bracelets and necklaces. Whilst you might be tempted to raid your girlfriend’s jewellery box, you’re better off getting something just for yourself. If you’re new to the game, Miansai’s Sterling Silver Aire Cuff might be the perfect introduction to the world of men’s jewellery. 

Why start with this you ask? Well, to begin, the design is simple. It’s a circular silver cuff with a small navy and white accent on the end; it doesn’t scream and shout; meaning it will most likely fly under the radar (but closer inspection will reveal a quality, stylish piece). The use of Sterling Silver is also a nice touch; again, it’s luxurious but not as shouty as gold – its a refined and sophisticated piece, ideal for the discerning gent. The last key selling point is the price – $150 – enough to make it a commitment but not too much that it will drain the bank. 

Quality, refined style and versatility make Miansai’s Aire Sterling Silver cuff the perfect introduction into the world of men’s jewellery, justifying the already rather reasonable $150 retail price. It’s time to dive in and score yourself some proper bling.

Shop Miansai Aire Sterling Silver Cuff $150

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