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This Could Be The Most Versatile & Stylish Shirt Jacket You Buy In 2019

Casual yet smart.

As 2019 draws to a close and 2020 comes into sight there is one trend that isn’t slowing or stopping to celebrate the new year; the casualisation of workwear. Unless you find yourself working in a more ‘traditional’ company or industry, no doubt you’ve seen work wear becoming increasingly casual. The first thing to go was the humble tie. Once a staple of the corporate world, offices have slowly started to leave their ties at home in favour of an open-neck shirt. It isn’t the only major change that has happened, thanks to ‘casual Fridays’ all manner of weird and wonderful outfits have made their way into the office, that to be honest probably shouldn’t have. Whether we like it or not, casualisation is here to stay and as its grip grows stronger, it’s time to adapt and change accordingly.

Realistically, the next item to go is probably the jacket. They’re expensive, sometimes uncomfortable and hard to care for, but inevitably you’ll still need some form of outerwear. So what will fill the boots of your jacket? Well, my bet is the shirt jacket or ‘shacket’. As the name suggests, it blurs the line between a shirt and a jacket. It has a cut that looks like a shirt, but with pockets and a slightly different colour. It’s also probably not as heavy as your jacket, but not as light as your shirt. Really it’s just a strange mixture, that ends up looking rather good. The best part? It’s quite possibly the most versatile jacket you can get. Throw on some suit pants, a shirt and tie with a shirt jacket and you’ll look sharp enough for any important meeting, but wear it with some shorts and a t-shirt and you’ll be the king of casual cool. However you choose to wear it, you’ll almost always look a cut above.

If you like to be ahead of the game, it’s time to score yourself a shirt jacket and Private White VC’s Mayfair Shacket could be the perfect place to start. Made in England from thick cotton it’s perfectly casual, yet also sophisticated. It features buttons on the front, three pockets to keep your kit in as well as a shirt style collar and a drawstring inside to tighten the jacket should it be required. Available here in a navy, the Mayfair is ultra-versatile and will pair anything, including jeans, light shorts, navy and grey suit pants meaning you can wear it whenever, however, and with whatever you like. The somewhat classic cut makes it casual, yet smart and is a testament to the jackets timeless style. Private White VC has built a reputation for creating garments that are timelessly stylish and ultra-high quality making the $253 retail price awfully reasonable. It’s time to get ahead of the game and build a reputation and the most stylish guy in the office. 

Shop Private White VC Mayfair Shacket $253

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