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These $270 Red Wing Boots Combine Timeless Style And Practicality

Function and form.

No doubt you’ve heard of Red Wing Boots and might have even owned some, but you might not have seen these ones… Since 1905, Red Wing Shoes have been making high quality and durable boots out of Minnesota. Whilst their boots are tough, hardy and capable of protecting your feet in any conditions they aren’t famed for being particularly stylish due to their function over form styling. Some might be a fan of this but, there is now a model, the ‘Wacouta‘ that perfectly combines function and form.

Made from a combination of brown full-grain leather and American-made waxed canvas which looks much more stylish than their traditional boot offerings. The boots tough-looking sole and cleaner ‘moccasin’ silhouette make for an interesting contrast that allows of the boot to be dressed down or up depending on the scenario.

Ultimately, the Wacouta is a modern rendition of Red Wing’s iconic boots that retain the brand’s famous build quality with a more modern, stylish design. Priced at $270, they’re reasonably priced, especially considering their durability, practicality and versatility. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better boot than these.

Shop Red Wing Heritage Wacouta $270

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