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This Winter Blazer Is The Perfect Gift For The Rugged Gent

(Stylish) adventure awaits.

Winter isn’t everyone’s favourite season. To combat nature’s harshest, we often find ourselves stacking on layer upon layer which, oftentimes, becomes rather annoying, especially when you’re coming and going. It’s difficult, however, to find a jacket that will keep you warm enough and yet also looks sharp enough for a nice dinner or work without it becoming overkill. That is, until now. Relwen recently released their ‘Trap Blazer,’ which – on closer inspection – is the perfect blazer for winter.

The jacket is made from a mixture of wool, rayon and polyester and also features a soft interior liner made from cotton woven sateen which more than capable of keeping you nice and warm on a cold winters day meaning you’ll no longer need all of those layers. This blend of materials in combination with a mild stretch, this blazer is also supremely comfortable and durable.

From a style perspective, the Trap Blazer stands out for all the right reasons. Thanks to the unique blend of materials, the blazer has a unique almost tweed texture which works perfectly with the dark brown/green colour tone. The blazer also features a unique lapel design that enables you to wear it like a regular blazer, but when the temperature drops you can also button it up like a shirt jacket to keep you warmer than any other blazer. From a practicality standpoint, the jacket features an array of pockets, inside and out that not only provide you with a place to keep your kit but also look great. 

Consolidating all of these great features into one jacket makes it ultra-versatile, meaning you’re getting a few jackets for the price of one. It can easily be styled with jeans and a t-shirt for a more casual look, but, throw on some khakis and a pair of brown dress shoes and you’ll look ultra dapper for an Autumn or Spring wedding. Really, the possibilities are endless for the blazer. With that in consideration, the $398 price tag is very reasonable.

Shop The Relwen Blazer  $398

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