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This Timeless Weekender Bag Is 30% Off For A Limited Time

Get away in style.

If you love going away as much as I do, but get to do it as little as I do, you’ll understand that you need to appreciate every part of the journey. Personally, there is something special about getting out a killer weekender bag, packing it, and swinging it into the back of my car. It marks both the beginning and – upon your return – the end of your trip. Whilst I’m a far cry from tossing my dream weekender bag into my dream car, I do like to have the nicest stuff I can afford. No doubt if you’ve read this far you too, likely appreciate nice things and potentially don’t have the unlimited budget we all dream off. So if you’re looking for a new weekender bad that is high quality, stylish and affordable, look no further than Thorndale’s Bexley Weekender.

Constructed from tough nylon and lined with polyester, the Bexley isn’t constructed from the most exotic materials, but they’re tough and easy to clean. Don’t think there aren’t any luxurious details though, the base, handles and strap are all constructed from a soft supple leather. The clean minimalist lines again make the bag look sharp and sophisticated and the inner pockets and medium size make it perfect for travel, the gym or just everyday use. It’s also available in either navy or beige depending on your style.

Now on sale for $341, 30% off it’s $486 retail price, the Bexley punches well above its weight in all areas, especially considering its affordable price tag. Ultimately, the Bexley ticks every box, it’s stylish, high quality and cool, all without breaking the bank.

Shop Thorndale Bexley Weekender $486 $341

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