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This $150 Decanter Is The Perfect Gift For The Man Who Likes To Drink In Style

Two birds, one stone.

For decades Tom Dixon has been designing some of the coolest lights, accessories and furniture to grace our homes and his latest decanter is a functional accessory that is perfect for any bachelor pad. The days of cut crystal and related paraphernalia are long gone and should be left to reside at your dad’s creepy mates’ place. Today, if you’re going to store some nice whiskey at home, you need something that will fit in with everything else. Put it this way, cut crystal and a Google home don’t really sit that well together and hence it’s time to change.

Tom Dixon’s designs are everything the modern man wants and needs, they’re a little futuristic without being farfetched, high quality and functional. The ‘Tank Whiskey Decanter’ will look right at home amongst your smart home tech and will keep your whiskey just right for when you want to break it out. Priced at $150, it isn’t awfully expensive and blurs the line between a sculpture and a decanter so really you’re getting two things for the price of one. Whether you’re buying it for yourself or for someone else, it is most definitely a good buy. 

Shop Tom Dixon Tank Whiskey Decanter $150

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