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Make Your Indulgent Uncle’s Christmas With These $45 Whiskey Rocks

For the man who loves a drink.

Let’s set the scene. You’ve come home after a long day at work dealing with painful employees and even more painful clients, all you want to do is to recline on the couch and enjoy a glass of your favourite brown poison. You’ve been wearing a warm suit all day and want your drink icy cold. You obviously don’t store your whiskey in the fridge or god forbid the freezer, and don’t want ice to water down your aged Macallan. This is no doubt a predicament many of us face, but fear not, Lithologie’s whiskey stones and tray will enable to you enjoy a cold glass of your favourite drink without any watering down. 

These Canadian made whiskey stones are made from a stone called ‘Gabbro’ which was formed more than 2.5 billion years ago and when transferred from the freezer to your poison of choice will rapidly cool the liquid and keep it cold while you enjoy it’s finely balanced flavour palette, something ice will not allow for.

They’re a worthy investment and will prove to any visitors that you’re a man that’s serious about his drink. It’s also a great gift for your dad, stepdad, uncle or anyone else who’s a fan of hard liquor. Priced at $45, it’s an affordable gift that’s bound to impress and could be paired with some nice whiskey glasses or a bottle itself. Whatever your intended plans, Lithologie’s whiskey rocks will look killer in their wooden tray.

Shop Lithologie’s Gabbro Whiskey Stones & Tray $45

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