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Alex Rodriguez Spotted Wearing The Most Underrated Rolex Ever

More refreshing than a Bellini.

From the blue and red GMT Master to the sporty Submariner, there are certain Rolex’s every man seems to want to buy. Then there are the watches few men dare to own. Enter: the Rolex Cellini Dual Time.

Arguably the perfect watch to accompany a tuxedo, former professional baseball shortstop Alex Rodriguez yesterday showed why the Cellini Dual Time is one of the most underrated Rolex’s ever, stepping out at the Screen Actors Guild Awards in Los Angeles, California, with a pink gold watch almost as easy on the eyes as his partner Jennifer Lopez.


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#JenniferLopez and #AlexRodriguez tonight at the #SAGAwards 🤩🔥 [📷: Getty Images]

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Petite, gorgeous and stylish, the Cellini Dual Time is not the watch you take on an Amazonian jungle adventure; it’s for special occasions, like the SAG awards. So full marks for context. But what about outfit? There A-Rod succeeds too, matching a navy velvet dinner jacket with a bow tie, white shirt and of course, the brave man’s Rolex, whose polished pink gold (and brown dial) subtly offsets the rest of his ensemble.


Coming in at 39mm, with 18 ct Everose gold (and a polished finish) the Rolex Cellini Dual Time will set you back AU$27,400. A fair sum, but we’d argue – if you can afford it – the Everose gold, brown guilloche dial and stitched alligator strap will set you forward in the style stakes.


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Alex Rodriguez at the 2020 @sagawards with Jennifer Lopez. He was wearing a @rolex Cellini dual time with brown dial.

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Not to mention: faceted and shaped like a two-edged sword, the Cellini’s hands count off each second, minute and hour with Swiss army precision thanks to the self-winding chronometer movement at the heart of this prestigious timepiece. In other words: it will let you time your champagne intake down to the very last segundo.

Let the A-Rodolution begin.

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  • Jon Choong

    Nope, it isn’t underrated, it’s the worst. No Rolex DNA, just boring and unecessary

  • Chips O’Toole

    It’s tacky and I hate it.

  • Andre Vajdics

    Most of these celebrities have professionals pick out the clothes and accessories. The watch probably isn’t even his.

  • Brady Bc Blackmon

    Nice piece! Along with the manual wind Cellini with the cushion shape case

  • LightsOutMan .

    As a fashion watch, I like it. Very elegant. But not for what it costs. Fad styling.

  • Nick Zetton

    “Arguably the perfect watch to accompany a tuxedo…”

    I’ll argue against that. I wouldn’t consider wearing this watch with a tux. The dial is too busy with
    too many complications and it has a seconds hand. A tux watch should have two hands (minutes, hours, no seconds hand), no complications, and be paper thin to disappear under the sleeve. Better still it should ideally only have four indices at 12, 3, 6, and 9 (markers, no numbers). Tux watch = simple, small, elegant. It should be nearly invisible — and invisible this Rolex is not. At formal events you’re not supposed to care about the time, it’s insulting to the host. My $90 Citizen Eco-Drive BL6005-01E is a better watch to wear with formal attire than this (frankly, hideous) Rolex.

  • Paul malcuria

    Just a sad thing. How long before they break up. Just plastic people . A real joke who the hell cares. Pmalcuria

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    I mean at the end of the day when you’ve made ARod money, you can’t possibly care what random people think about the watch you’re wearing. No matter what the perceived ideas are about the watch.

    Buy what you like. Wear what you like

  • Greg Maxim

    Says the guy who can’t even afford one

  • Greg Maxim

    Says the guy who can even afford a datejust 36 stainless.

  • Greg Maxim

    Only true watch collectors wear these and own them. You cannot truly embrace Rolex without it.

  • Technom3

    How is it tacky?

  • Technom3

    Lol. Get over yourself.

  • Technom3

    What dad? Lol

  • Jeff Maxwell


  • Titywank

    Yeah, dream on peasant

  • Titywank

    I’d rather been seen out with a corpse than a BL6005

  • Unknown Unknown

    Valid point.

  • Technom3

    Let me guess… Your 12 maybe 13? Your hoping to inherit your dad’s Seiko one day? Or is it a citizen?

  • Grady Philpott

    It’s always amazing the stupid things said about Rolex by people who know nothing about Rolex.

  • LightsOutMan .

    Literacy issues? Take your Ritalin, troll, you might find an actual personality in there.

  • lildoggy4u

    Wow. How exciting! What a scoop!

  • Rene Arredondo

    Ugly but I would like to have one in my collection

  • Luc Wiesman

    I like that honesty

  • Luc Wiesman


  • Tone Mack

    Lmao I love this comment..enjoy your day bro..

  • Just looking

    He ain’t JL level!! He cheap when it come to that comparison. Fuck a Rolex anyway.

  • A better tomorrow

    There are a lot of heaters in this ghost town these days. Who cares about the price and the way it looks. Anyone is entitled to buy and wear anything he or she wants without the approval of the media. Vanity Vanity Vanity!!! If I was him I would wear a barlap peace of fabric on my wrist with the tux. Who cares let people live their lives. It’s ok to be humble. These type of comments is what deteriorates people selfsteem these days. Thank God They both have a great selfsteem. Remember, media is a Gift from God use it wisely. It is intended to HELP, to LIFT UP others not to distroy. At the end of the day when you leave this earth none of this Vanity maters, what matters is were your soul is going.

  • A better tomorrow

    Wear what ever watch you like as long as you feel good about it. Nobody else has to tell you what you need to wear. No one is paying for it, YOU ARE.

  • Alexis De Paula Collazo

    Oh girl, really? Do you set the rules of a “tuxedo watch”? What an arrogant, boring, idiot person you are……

  • Alexis De Paula Collazo

    “JLo level”? You mean, zero level, since she is the less classy, ridiculous woman in the Hollywood circus.

  • Alexis De Paula Collazo

    What is for you “Rolex dna”? Obviously you are an ignorant. Go check out vintage Rolex from the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, then come here again……

  • Alexis De Paula Collazo

    Nobody gives a fuck….

  • A better tomorrow



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