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This $95 Jacket Will Keep You Warm Whilst Looking Classy

Striking a fine line.

It’s strange to think that in 2020 there is a niche that isn’t filled, but Bearded Goat has found one that is rather more prominent than you might think. When the weather starts to take a turn for the worst and you want to look sharp, but not too sharp, nor too casual, what do you wear? A puffer is warm but isn’t so sophisticated, whereas a peacoat is probably a little too dressy and isn’t as warm. Bearded Goat felt there was something in between these two and created the Diamond Insulated Shirt Jacket.

Insulated with a mid-weight synthetic down, the Diamond will keep you warm but won’t make you hot and still has a lightweight feel. It features a selection of external and internal pockets, snap button closure and a DWR coating to helo protect against rain, snow and dirt. It’s evidently very capable, but what about the looks? Well, it’s a ‘shirt jacket’ meaning it has a similar cut to your favourite dress shirt, but is thicker and includes pockets. The collar is a smart touch that helps the Diamond look much more sophisticated than a simple puffer.

Priced at $95, the Diamond is a very reasonable proposition. Whether you go for the black or the grey, it’ll easily pair with jeans, chinos or even something smarter. It’s the perfect addition to your wardrobe for those colder days where you want to be warm all whilst looking modern and sharp.

Shop Bearded Goat Diamond Insulated Shirt Jacket $95

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