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Insanely Cool BMW 2002 For Sale In Australia For A Rather ‘Affordable’ Price

The car that spawned the 3-series.

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When it comes to classic and iconic German cars, we’ll agree there are plenty to choose from: the Volkswagen Golf GTI, Porsche ‘901’ 911, or the Mercedes 300SL are just a few models that have graced the bedroom walls of young boys around the world.

But, gorgeous as those cars may be, they can’t quite compete with the BMW 2002 when it comes to cool status, and you can own your very own for a decidedly affordable fee. That’s right, this 1970 BMW 2002 is available on Carsales right now for AU$45,000. And before you say “how can you say that’s affordable?”, let us tell you it’s in pristine condition, and for a car of its rarity, it’s a steal.

The 2002 joined BMW’s 02 series in 1968 after BMW’s director of product planning Helmut Werner Bönsch and designer of the M10 engine Alex von Falkenhausen, both had a two-litre engine installed in their 1600-02 cars – the 1600-02 was the first model in the 02 series, and was designed to be a smaller, more affordable version than the New Class sedan.


Eventually, in 1973, BMW launched the 2002 Turbo at the Frankfurt Motor Show – the company’s first-ever turbocharged production car – with a top speed of 170mph. Production of the 2002 ceased in 1975, making way for the 3-series that has gone on to become BMW’s best-selling model.

But back to this model on sale. It’s a first-generation 2002 with less than 30,000kms on the clock and a 2.0-litre, four-cylinder engine under the hood. It’s been subject to a full restoration over a 17-year period, leaving it in immaculate condition both inside and out. Mechanically it’s top-notch, says the seller. It was also featured on Shannons Club TV with Doug Reid.

It’s easily the finest 2002 for sale on Carsales right now. And if you don’t buy it, we might just have to.

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