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Chris Hemsworth’s Trainer’s Workout Will Torch Your ‘Dad Bod’ In No Time

Even Thor had to start somewhere.

If you enjoy the odd schooner down the pub or like to devour a kebab late every Saturday night, then you’ll no doubt soon find you have a chronic case of ‘dad bod.’ The slang term is now part of everyday language and refers to those with physiques that sit on the border between muscular and overweight.

If you want to do something about it and transform it into a hot bod, or you’re simply brand new to the entire notion of working out, Chris Hemsworth’s trainer has the perfect starter workout for you. Luke Zocchi regularly posts workouts and recipe ideas to his Instagram page – and if they’re good enough for Thor, they’re good enough for us, right? – with one of his latest using nothing but your own bodyweight to start you moving.

In his post, Luke says “learning how to move correctly and get stronger with bodyweight is a much smarter way to start than by adding load (weights) and increasing injury. Master your body first then add load.”


While Luke makes the moves look simple, we imagine we’d be a quivering mess after completing it. But those gains won’t make themselves.

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Luke’s bodyweight workout includes the following moves, all performed in quick succession:

  • Forward jumps
  • Reverse crawl
  • Alternating lunges whilst moving forward
  • Reverse crawl
  • Squat with alternating twists
  • Reverse crawl
  • Forward crawl with alternating twists
  • Reverse crawl
  • Forward frog jumps
  • Reverse crawl


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Your fitness journey awaits.

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