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The Ultimate Black Jeans Can Be Yours For $68

Back in black.

There are black jeans and black jeans. What really makes one better than the other? Well, there are a few key factors that make up the ultimate black jeans; fit, fabric and durability. Typically you’d expect to pay a pretty penny for jeans that tick all those boxes, but Everlane’s Performance Jeans can be yours for just $68.

Available in three different fits, skinny, slim and athletic, you’ll easily find a refined, tapered fit for your body. You can also choose from four different inseam lengths, meaning you won’t need to get them adjusted if you prefer your jeans shorter. Since these are the ‘performance’ model, the fabric has a four-way stretch so you’ll be constantly comfortable, no matter whether you’re walking around or sitting for long periods of time.

Another great aspect of the four-way stretch is that the knees won’t blow out, keeping you looking fresh in between washes. Lastly, they’re highly durable and made of organic cotton to ensure they last because the last thing you want is for your favourite pair of jeans to fail on you. Not convinced? Everlane offers a 365-day guarantee if anything does go wrong. 

Priced at $68, they’re very affordable and when you’ll get the perfect fitting, high quality, durable jeans, they’re really a steal. To make it even better, they’re made from environmentally friendly materials in ethical factories. They really do tick every box. Not a fan of the black? There are three other colours to choose from. Go on, it’s time to upgrade.

Shop Everlane Performance Jean $68

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