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These $90 Trackpants Are The Luxurious Essential Every Man Needs

Affordable and luxurious?

If you consider yourself a Hypebeast you’ll be all too familiar with having to fork out a lot of money for almost anything desirable. Whether it be a $900 Supreme box logo hoodie or $400 Yeezy’s, bargains in the Hypebeast community seem to be far and few between – until now.

You might be familiar with the brand ‘Fear of God’, well they’ve just released their 2020 ‘Essentials’ collection which features a selection of ‘essential’ items that have FOG has waved their magic wand over. Not only is the collection actually wearable on a day to day basis, but they’re also rather affordable.

Our favourites are the ‘Lounge pants’ and ‘Lounge shorts’ in grey which are priced at $90 and $70 respectively. Why are they our favourites you ask? Well, you’ll actually wear them. They aren’t over the top, instead, their simple design is enough for a Hypebeast to appreciate, but not too noisy that you’ll cop strange looks. All in all, they’re a quality essential that will be a great addition to any Hypebeast’s wardrobe.

Shop FOG Essentials Lounge Pant $90

Shop FOG Lounge Short $70

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