Jimmy Fallon's Big Sneaker Energy Will Have You Reaching For Your Sunglasses

It's all about the confidence.

When it comes to donning a pair of stylish sneakers, we’ll always gravitate towards something minimal, white and, usually, leather. Of course, style rules are always meant to be broken, but as appears to be the case for Jimmy Fallon, he’s literally ripped the rulebook up and pushed it to the bottom of the trash pile.

Taking an evening stroll around Los Angeles on January 5th, 2020, the late-night talk show host was spotted wearing a pair of Vans with a retina-searing design. The footwear in question is part of the skate company’s Late Night series, which sees pairs of the company’s iconic skate shoes decked out with various junk food designs. Jimmy has opted for tacos to slip over his toes, and carries them off with confidence.

They’re no longer available on the Vans website and are seen as a collectible item. We image they would have been worth more in resale value before Jimmy wore them outside.

Fortunately, the comedian has paired his out-there footwear with a cool, casual combination of blue jeans and mustard crew neck sweater. However, despite his best efforts to look ‘cool’ and ‘down with the kids’, we feel Jimmy is trying to hold on to his youth a little too much.

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