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This $285 Jacket Is Your Ticket To James Bond Looks On A Budget

Bond on a budget.

It’s hard not to fantasize about (being) James Bond, he’s always immaculately dressed, driving some of the coolest cars and surrounded by beautiful women. Many of us have tried to emulate him, but it’s much harder than it seems. Unfortunately, his witty remarks, perfect body and ability to charm anyone are all things that take years to develop and master (I suspect you’ve probably considered an Aston, then realised how expensive they are). So if you’re trying to emulate Bond on a budget, where should you turn? His clothing is the best place to start.

No doubt one of the highlights of Spectre was the mountain chase scene and aside from the planes, cars, guns and explosions, one of the standout items was Bond’s jacket. The actual jacket was made by Tom Ford (right) and retails for around $2,415. Steep, hey. After some digging, we’ve found the perfect alternative for only $285. Made by London brand Reiss (left), the jacket features quilting in the middle with knitted sleeves and neck. It looks nearly identical and is also very high quality, as well as versatile.

You could easily pair the jacket with blue trousers and boots like Bond, but it will pair equally well with some jeans and sneakers for casual Fridays. If you’re on a budget and want to look like Bond, you could do a lot worse.

Reiss Trainer Jacket $285

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