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This $495 Jacket Will Take Your Ruggedness To New Heights

Next level rugged.

As jobs become increasingly automated, men are becoming less and less ‘rugged’. For many, there isn’t a need to get their hands dirty or shoes muddy; the modern man moisturises his skin and wipes his sneakers down after they get a grain of dirt on them. There is though, more than ever, an allure to a ‘rugged’ aesthetic. The catalyst for this might be the fact that there are less and less rugged men. Love it or hate it, it’s brought about some pretty cool looks, including the revival of the Land Rover Defender, waxed jackets and Wolverine boots. Tom Beckbe’s Tenshaw Jacket culminates all of these great looks into one awesome jacket.

Constructed from a weather-resistant 6oz waxed cotton, the Tenshaw is not only perfect for rugged outings, but it will also patina nicely over time with use. It’s also really tough, meaning you can wear it whenever and however you like, whether you’re out hiking or for coffee. It features a zip-up front that also has external snaplock buttons to keep you cosy, which is helped by the corduroy neck lining. There are also several external and internal pockets to ensure you can carry anything you might need on your outings. You can easily pair it with jeans, chinos or even suit pants for a rugged formal look, meaning it’s a very versatile piece.

Priced at $495, it isn’t the cheapest jacket, but it’s a jacket you’ll be able to enjoy for years to come at any and all occasions.

Shop Tom Beckbe Tenshaw Jacket $495

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