This $610 Italian Watch Is All Show, With The Go To Match

No need to compromise.

When it comes to watches, you’ll often have to make a compromise. Expensive Swiss watches are stylish, capable and expensive. So even if you can take them deep underwater, would you really want to risk it? After all, they can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. On the opposite end of the spectrum, more affordable watches that you’d be happy to roll the dice on often aren’t as stylish or as capable. If you want one watch to do it all, look no further than the Italian microbrand Unimatic.

2019 saw the rise of the Microbrand, solidifying their place within the watch community and Unimatic is one of the best out there. Designed and made in Italy, their watches combine not only typical Italian style, but also the capabilities to make them a serious workhorse. Their ‘U1-F’ is the embodiment of this and makes no sacrifices nor any compromises. Its distinct, minimalist dial is comprised of mostly Superluminova markings that make it ever so cool in low light. In addition, the rotating bezel has enough information for you to accurately time a dive, but isn’t crowded. The use of both stainless steel and black makes for an intriguing contrast that gives the impression of sturdiness and durability, making for an overall very handsome watch.

It’s all powered by a Japanese automatic movement and has a 1000m water resistance, making it three times more capable than a Rolex Submariner. All of this is mounted on a heavy-duty nato strap and is constructed in Italy by hand. Priced at $610, the Unimatic U1-F really is tremendous value, Italian style and build quality, capability beyond your needs and a great story behind the watch. It’s limited to 600 units, so you’d better score yourself one quick.

Shop Unimatic U1-F $610

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