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This $90 Waterproof Backpack Is Both Cool & Functional

Form and function.

It isn’t all that often that we stumble across something that perfectly pairs form and function. In most circumstances, there has to be a compromise between the two that swings one way or another, but Imperial Motion’s latest backpack doesn’t compromise either way.

Made from a premium waterproof 900D ripstop nylon, this 32L backpack is highly capable and can keep your kit dry in even when submerged. Alternatively, you can keep wet or smelly gear sealed inside the bag for when you want to deal with it later, making it a perfect gym, beach or surfing companion. On the outside, it has a pocket with welded seams and zippers that allow you to access smaller items with ease. The nylon is not only waterproof, but its also specially designed to be resistant to abrasion and abuse, meaning you can use it harder, for longer.

Evidently there were no compromises when it comes to functionality, so what about form? Well, it looks like the kind of thing a Navy Seal might use on a diving mission. The all-black is very modern, versatile and will blend into city streets or out in the wilderness. Priced at $90 it’s very affordable, especially for something that makes no compromises. Get your hands on one before they sell out.

Shop Imperial Motion Wet Dry Backpack $90

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