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Rare Alfa Romeo Giulia SS Is Your Chance To Own ‘La Dolce Vita’ Down Under

“You’re not a true petrolhead until you’ve owned an Alfa.”

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Alfa Romeo is an Italian car manufacturer steeped in history. The company’s first car, the 24 HP, rolled off the production in 1910, although at that time the company was known solely as A.L.F.A (Anonymous Lombard Automobile Factory). In 1915, Nicola Romeo took over and decided to begin production of military equipment both the Italian army and allied forces, and the company was eventually renamed Alfa Romeo in 1920.

Since then, Alfa Romeo has had a turbulent story, including a stint of being controlled by the Mussolini government. In 1986, it was sold to the Fiat Group, which still owns it to this day. Alfa cars are known for their styling and many of its vehicles have introduced technological firsts, which have since been copied by other manufacturers.

Classic Alfas are highly collectible and particularly rare in Australia, which means this 1963 Giulia Sprint Speciale is not to be missed. This particular line of Giulia isn’t a predecessor to the stunning sedan Alfa Romeo makes today, as the Italian company has used it on three occasions for three separate model lines – Type 105 sporty sedan, this Sprint Specialie, and the current Giulia that’s been in production since 2015.


The Giulia SS was an evolution from the Giulietta SS, as it used the same body shape, but it came with a more powerful 1.6L engine, propelling it to  200kph/120mph. The body shape is particularly interesting as Alfa managed to get its drag coefficient down to 0.28 (the lower the number the less drag it’s susceptible to) a figure that wasn’t bested for another 20 years.

Alfa Romeo produced just 1,400 Giulia Sprint Speciales, and only a handful are believed to be in Australia. This particular model for sale on Carsales has spent a good chunk of its life in the USA, with importation documents showing it arrived on Australian shores in November 2006.

The dealer says it had a repaint 20 years ago which has since been victim to its fair share of stone chips but otherwise the rest of the car has original parts from the day it left the factory. It has a remarkably low 2,665 miles on the odometer, 165 of which have been added in the last nine years.

It’s a fantastic looking car and one for genuine motoring enthusiasts, and you can own it for a rather affordable A$180,000.

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