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This $289 Backpack Is The Coolest We’ve Scouted In 2020

Be the coolest backpack kid.

Is there anything worse than running to the bus stop with your backpack bouncing like a bauble? Actually: there is. You could think backpacks are just for kids. While there’s a good reason for this stereotype (most dudes with backpacks look like overgrown children), numerous brands are starting to make back buddies which are actually cool.

Enter: Bellroy’s classic backpack, available in cool desert tones or sharp black sand, and which will make you look more like a worldly photographer than a snail with an oversized shell. Perfect for work and play, this bad boy is the coolest backpack we’ve seen in 2020. The kicker? It comes from Bellroy, a brand known for their premium manufactoring, stylish designs and durability.

This premium edition of Bellroy’s classic backpack also features leather softer than a cheater’s hide, with extra body to hold its (customer favourite) shape. This enables you to cart laptops (up to 15″) with ease, as well as a padded iPad or documents (in a seperate panel), your wallet (in the ultra durable front pocket) and your phone or keys (in a water resistant top pocket), all in ultimate comfort.

There are also comfort shoulder straps, a back padding system and quick grab handle for your convenience, plus the peace of mind it has been made from sustainably produced fabric and environmentally certified leather. Oh, and there’s a cheeky three year warranty for those that tend to thrash hell out of their belongings. Plus a reasonable price, and free shipping.

Buy now or forever hold your peace tattered rucksack.

Shop Bellroy Backpack A$289 / US$199

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