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This $99 Sling Is The Smaller, More Convenient Summer Backpack Alternative

A backpack, without the bulk.

Whilst you might not be keen on the idea of a sling or ‘bum-bag’, they’ve made quite the resurgence in recent times. No longer are they for dog walkers to store their treats in, or paranoid geriatrics to carry their passports in; today the sling is a convenient and useful bag that is far more useful than a backpack. Bellroy, orignally famed for making thin, sleek leather wallets is leading the charge these days and makes one of the best slings money can buy.

As you can already see, it isn’t some chav spec bumbag, it’s quite an elegant piece. It has a selection pockets that will enable you to carry everything you need, but nothing you don’t. More impressively, it can expand and contract depending on how much you put in it thanks to a clever strap system. Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s to small though, it’s the perfect size for day to day use, like a backpack but without the bulk.

Priced at $99, it’s the perfect summer purchase and no doubt you’ll get a load of use from it. Whether you want to fill it with a turkish towel and head to the beach or pack your water bottle and camera to explore a new city, the sling is the perfect purchase to make your life more convenient.

Shop Bellroy Sling $99

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