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Chris Hemsworth’s Latest Workouts Will Torch Your Triceps

It’s not all about bicep curls.

Forget the sunshine, beaches, and acres of bushland to go trekking in, Australia’s biggest advert is Chris Hemsworth. Not only is the man from Victoria a smash-hit when it comes to Hollywood blockbusters, but his physique leaves eye-owners everywhere with their jaws scraping the floor.

It takes time, motivation and dedication to get Chris’s bod, but the Thor actor makes it that little bit easier, by posting some of his workout routines on his Instagram page, and his latest will destroy your arms. Luckily for you, they’re easy to follow as well and are part of his new Centr 6 program, which has been concocted with his friend and personal trainer Luke Zocchi.

Centr 6 centres around the number 6, with Chris saying all you need is a set of dumbbells or your own body weight, with which you complete six exercises, for six reps each, for a total of six rounds, across a six-week block. So to get ripped like Chris, here are some of the exercises you need to follow.


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Push Up Sit Throughs

Chris’s first exercise will get you sweating from the get-go. Starting in a push-up position, complete one full push up. Then bring one foot out wide to the side, and bring your trailing leg through, underneath your body, before extending it out across your body, so it’s in line with the first foot you placed down.

Dumbbell Curl With Lunges

Holding a set of dumbbells, curl them up, working your biceps and at the same time, lunge forward. You can alternate this move by doing hammer curls instead of bicep curls, which will eventually give you a fuller-looking set of arms.

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Plank With Leg Lift

The plank is one of the best exercises you can do to work your core, but to turn things up a notch, you can do as Chris does, and lift a leg off the floor. Not only does this pile extra effort on your core, but you can bend down on your arms a tad – a pushup of sorts – to bring your triceps into the mix. Alternate with each leg.

Sit Throughs


Sit throughs are a perfect move to work not only your triceps but your core as well. Start in a bear crawl positions, whereby you’re on your hands and resting on your toes, with your knees slightly elevated from the ground. Leave one hand on the floor along with the opposite foot (right hand and left foot for example) and move the other foot under your body and across to the opposite side, while rotating your body at the same time in the same direction.

Tyre Pushes

Ok, so this one might be a little harder to do on account of you needing a very large tyre, such as one from a tractor. But you can lay your hands on one, it can be your ideal workout companion. You can carry out this move on your own or with a partner. If by yourself, lift the tyre up from flat and push it over. Flip it five more times, or until failure. If you’re with a friend, have the tyre upright, and push it to each other.

Power Sled Pulls

This is another move that will require a gym membership but can have monumental benefits for your arms. Buy yourself a power sled, add some weight, and attach either a long rope or some handles to pull it along a track. Not only do sled pulls destroy your arms, but they work virtually every other muscle group in your body.

You may already include some of these moves in your current workout regime, but if you don’t, or hadn’t heard of some of them, we fully recommend you add them in when you can.

A God-like Thor body awaits.

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