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Italic Brings You Luxurious Clothing, Bags & Shoes For The Prices Labels Can’t

High-quality and designer styles all for a reasonable price? That’s unheard of.

As consumers become more environmentally concious and weary of fast fashion labels, it seems that more than ever, people are starting to value quality and are nonchalant to big names and brands. In light of this shift in consumer tastes, Italic was founded, an online brand that offers high-quality, luxurious clothing, shoes, bags and accessories for a fraction of the price of big name designer brands.

You might already be thinking that this is just another brand claiming to make items just like Giorgio Armani, Vilebrequin, Sandro, Church’s and Prada, but Italic really does. Before they even start designing the pieces in their collections, they get in contact with the manufacturers for the brands I just mentioned and build relationships that allow them to produce their goods in the same factory. The end result is that the products they offer are genuinely comparable to those offered by big name designers.

The second very ‘on-trend’ aspect of their business model is that they’re direct to consumer, meaning they sell straight to us, not via a department store or online retailer. This is much the same as how Everlane and Away suitcases operate and is what allows them as well as Italic to offer high-quality goods at rather reasonable prices. 

So, what can you actually get from Italic? Well, their white sneakers go for $150 and look rather similar to Common Projects, but are made to the same quality as Church’s, who’s white sneakers retail at a pricey $550. Similarly, you can get their leather and nylon duffel bag that looks like Prada’s $2,320 duffel for $250, which is made in the same factory and Longchamp and Tumi. If neither of those tickle your fancy, you can score a cashmere sweater for $95, made in the same factory as Sandro’s $520 number.

Whatever you’re lookng to buy, I would highly recommend having a look through Italic’s offerings as you might be able to score yourself some designer quality steals. Whilst some of you might not be all that interested in ‘label-free’ clothing and accessories, I’m of the train of thought that it’s even cooler than the real thing. It will be plain to see that your new duffel is high-quality and luxurious, but no one will know where it’s from making it seem rather exclusive which is something people lust after.

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