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Jason Derulo’s Airport Flex Will Put Your Best Loungewear To Shame

Style high club.

Whenever you jet off on holiday, whether it be a six-month excursion to Europe or a two-week lads trip to somewhere with sun, sea and strawberry daiquiris, you find yourself dressing a certain way for the airport. Step through the doors into any terminal and suddenly rules of fashion, for many, go out the window. But that shouldn’t be the case, as it’s just another opportunity for you to show you know how to look good.

Case in point: Jason Derulo. When he’s not posting salacious pictures that leave nothing to the imagination, the US singer regularly proves to be a master of casual style. His latest outfit is no different, and while the brands and overall cost will put even your best loungewear to shame, he shows us all how we should be dressing when taking off from terra firma.

Spotted arriving at LAX International Airport in Los Angeles on February 19th, 2020, where he was flying out to Dubai, Derulo put together an all-black ensemble ideal for laying down in his first-class bed and catching forty winks during his flight. His hoodie is from LA-based fashion label Ih Nom Uh Nit (meaning, ‘to have no name’), a relatively young luxury streetwear brand.

Jason’s exact hoodie can’t be found online (it’s likely part of an upcoming collection), but the company offers plenty of alternatives, such as this one for US$460. Jason pairs his luxe sweater with a pair of black sweatpants, but it’s his footwear that steals the show, and repents his sin of combining socks with slides.


That’s because the slides are from Christian Louboutin. Yep, they aren’t your run of the mill Adidas slides, but a much more luxurious – and expensive, at US$495 – version that uses calfskin leather for supreme comfort. They’re also on a platform sole to give Jason an extra few inches…in the height department.


We’ll certainly be thinking twice next time we put together an airport outfit.

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