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These $85 Limited Edition Converse Are Too Cool For School

School’s out for the summer…

For 112 years, Converse Chuck Taylors have been a wardrobe staple for every type of man. Whether you’re a Universiy student or an Investment Banker, you no doubt own or have owned a pair of Converse. Whilst they might serve different purposes in different wardrobes, their timeless and highly versatile design makes them an essential for every man. If you’re a fan of the humble Chuck Taylor, but want something a little more unique, this limited edition pair might be the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

You’re no doubt ever so familiar with the original Converse Chuck Taylor and it’s many colourways, they’re great but nothing special. This is somewhat what makes them a great shoe, but say you want something a little more interesting, this limited edition ‘Varisty Remix’ pair is what you need.

They retain the classic silhouette and quality but feature red and blue accents that help the shoe stand out, without being brash. It’s these subtle changes that make the Varsity Remix so cool. Priced at $85 they’re affordable and the perfect ‘go to’ for your wardrobe. Hurry though, they’re limited and wont last long.

Shop Converse Varsity Remix Chuck 70 $85

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