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MJ Bale’s Latest Suit Will Help You Defeat Any Winter

Hit back at winter’s worst.

This summer in Australia has been a place of extremes, one minute it’s on fire, the next it’s being flooded. Unfortunately the reality is that these extremes aren’t going to stop, in fact they’re probably going to get worse. Now is the time to gear up and prepare yourself for the winter ahead with a new suit and MJ Bale’s AW20 collection included one suit that will truly let you tackle winter in style.

Whilst on paper ‘winter’ in Australia isn’t all that cold, ask anyone commuting on a single degree day and they’ll confirm that it is in fact pretty bloody cold. Whilst it might not be cold enough to don a Canada Goose parka, it is most definitely cold enough to feel it, even in your thickest suit. So where is the middle ground? The perfect amount of warmth without being to bulky and hot – MJ Bale’s Frideric suit is the solution you’ve asked for.

Made from an Italian woven fine weave corduroy, the Friederic is the perfect middle ground between your woolen suit and rocking a heavy overcoat and it feels ever so comfortable and luxury. Whilst the green might not be for everyone, it’s very cool and can easily be worn as a statement suit  or can be seperated for more casual looks. Whether you’ve a long day of climbing the corporate ladder ahead or are heading out on a date, you can ensure you’re the best dressed gent in the room with the Frideric suit.

Priced at $499 for the jacket and $199 for the trousers, the full set is reasonably priced for something both cool and luxurious. You’d be a fool not to score yourself one.

Shop MJ Bale Frideric Cord Jacket $499

Shop MJ Bale Frideric Cord Trousers $199

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