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This $120 NY Sweat Is Casual Preppy Cool At Its Best

A touch of Ivy League.

Preppy style originated in the 1900’s when young, university students became frustrated with their stuffy, over the top uniform. As a substitute they turned to sportier looks that were far more practical and comfortable. Since then the style has continued to evolve and today is more casual than ever as students value comfort more and more. It can be difficult to dress ‘preppy’ these days, but Only NY’s latest collaboration with Champion embodies the style perfectly.

No longer are university students rocking blazers and loafers, today is all about the sweatshirt and sneakers. Whilst they’re not especially smart like the preppy style of old, they’re still rather stylish and highly, highly comfortable.

Only NY’s latest sweatshirt is navy with a ‘NY’ in a red and white block collegiate font. It’s simple, but the careful combination of colours and fonts is much like preppy sweaters from back in the day. Whether you want to rock it with jeans, sweatpants or gym shorts, it will look great and will be super comfortable.

Priced at $120, it’s a small price to pay for something so versatile and cool.

Shop Only NY Champion RW Crewneck $120

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