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These $245 Men’s Swim Shorts Are A 5-Year Summer Investment

Cream of the crop.

There are hordes of swimmers for men: short, long, tight, loose, patterned and plain, but is there a perfect combination? Yes; Orlebar Brown’s Bulldog.

Made in Europe to quality so good they offer a 5-year warranty (Orlebar Brown really wants you to use these swimmers), in the water and out, they’re not only comfortable and practical but also look fantastic and are easy to style. They’re based on the design for tailored men’s trousers; they even feature side adjusters on the waistband making them comfortable and ever so sophisticated.

Priced at $245, they aren’t cheap, but you can use them almost anywhere, at the office, in the pool or at the bar, the Bulldogs are versatile and stylish. No doubt you’ll love your pair will invariably find yourself wearing them much more than you initially thought, meaning they are worthy of their investment. Available in 12 colours and more than 30 patterns and prints you’ll easily find a pair that you can rock for the next five years. They truly are the perfect swimmers for men.

Shop Orlebar Brown Bulldog US$245 / A$320

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