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This $148 Men’s Shirt Will Be The Most Comfortable Thing You Ever Own

For when comfort, is king…

It’s now 2020 and if there is one thing we want more of in our wardrobes, it’s comfort. Gone are the days when we were happy wearing stuffy, uncomfortable shirts, now the modern man needs clothing that is comfortable and versatile. If you’re now prioritising comfort, you need to get yourself one of Outerknown’s Blanket Shirt.

If you thought they named it the ‘Blanket Shirt’ for fun, you’d be wrong. Outerknown went out of their way to make this shirt feel like your favourite blanket that keeps you ever so warm and comfortable when you’re on the couch. Made from a heavyweight, yarn dyed cotton twill thats 100% organic, the Blanket Shirt combines warmth, comfort and durability making it perfect for those seeking out new heights of comfort when on the road, at the pub or at home.

To make things even better, it’s easy to style and can be worn on it’s own or as an overshirt, either way it will go with almost any pants or shorts you pair with it. Available in seven different colours you’ll find one that tickles your fancy. Sound good? You can score yourself one for $148, a rather reasonable price when you conside the quality and versatility.

Shop Outerkown Blanket Shirt $148

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