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Nutrition Coach Reveals Protein Hack That Saves Money & Boosts Gains

Food for thought.

We all want Chris Hemsworth’s vee, but few of us have the time, money, willpower, personal trainers and dedicated chefs to achieve it.

What we can do is educate ourselves. And – as long as you have a good bullshit radar – there is now a wealth of nutrition information online that could help you build the Tinder profile rig of your dreams.

Enter: Ryan Carter, a certified health coach, personal trainer, cook and nutritional therapist, who recently took to Instagram to share a protein hack that could both save you money and boost your gains.


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“There are NO secret or magical bars that an optimal lifestyle, which one part is food can replicate… Just like there is no secret magical formula in gaining or losing muscle. It’s the consistency and growth of bettering ourselves each day,” Ryan writes.

“The idolised protein bar or shake is NOT needed for an optimal lifestyle. Your ‘gains’ will not shrivel or deflated [sic] if protein is not consumed straight after your last rep!”

Instead, Ryan tells us, “You’re more likely to benefit when both the central + peripheral nervous system… allow your brain to switch to the parasympathetic state allowing your blood flow to distribute to the GI Tract.”

In other words: although we are bombarded with protein shakes, bars and workout formulas by gyms, magazines and influencers, we shouldn’t forget Mother Nature has provided us with natural sources of protein with more micronutrients (and which also provide more energy).


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“A protein bar is idolised by many, with the majority incorporating questionable unnecessary ingredients and cheap protein sources such as soy protein which is a poor protein source despite what funded studies say,” Ryan adds.

“For sure, the protein bar [is] a handy source of protein yet it does not automatically give you ‘gains’ how it’s portrayed in the industry.”

“Even [at] the price point Mother Nature wins,” Ryan adds. “When you are prepared to put in a little effort to reap the rewards.”

“Wild salmon = £2 per 100grams. Protein bar at my gym= £3.”

“If you’re worried about your magical protein post-workout consumption it may also be warranted to wait until your nervous, endocrine + circulatory system have caught up for you to optimal digest anything!” Ryan finishes.

Food for thought.

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