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These $120 Men’s Track Pants Have Been Engineered To Perfection

Lounge around in style.

Whether you’re travelling on a long haul flight, heading to the gym or lounging around on a cold winter’s day, track pants should be your comfort pants of choice.

The humble track pant or ‘sweat pant’  was introduced to the world in the 1920’s by Le Coq Sportif. They were originally designed to keep athletes warm whilst they warmed up for sporting events without sacrificing comfort and flexibility for jogging. Ironically today, as we are sure you’re aware, they are used for the antithesis of exercise – lounging around.

From traditional ‘loopback’ cotton sweats to high tech running trousers, there are a myriad of different sweat pants available on the market today. Some you wouldn’t leave the house in and others that look stylish anywhere. These sweat pants from Reigning Champ are the latter. Birthed from a collaboration between Reigning Champ and Asics, these sweat pants are quite possibly the most stylish ones available today. Optioned in black and made out of 100% four-way-stretch cotton they will look great on a long haul flight, at the gym or on the couch.

Whilst you have probably heard of Asics, the prolifically good shoe makers, you might not have heard of Reigning Champ. They are a small Canadian Firm that makes the best sweats. All of their products feature unique and original fabrics that are then hand made in Vancouver into various items. This collaboration between the two brands has used cutting edge technology, the highest quality materials and employs hand made manufacturing processes. For $120, it won’t get any better than this.

Shop Reigning Champ x Asics Engineered Pants $120

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