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This $160 Men’s Robe Will Make You A Fashionable Version Of Rocky Balboa

Don your boxing gloves.

Before I get started, a bath robe isn’t normally the sort of thing I’d write about. They’re often a bit tacky and make me think of some influencer who’s been put up in the Park Hyatt for a night. Anyways, the reason this robe is getting a feature, is because it’s absolutely dope.

Reigning Champ are a Canadian based company that over the last few years has built a reputation for making the worlds best tracksuits. As a little side project, they’ve taken the same lookback cotton fabric and have turned it into a robe. Check it out.

Much like their quality tracksuits, the robe features an oversized hood, rib-bound pockets and low abrasion flatlocked seams, making it ever so comfortable.

Whether you decide to wear it post-shower, hungover on the couch or to go outside and grab your Uber Eats order, you’re bound to look reminiscent of Rocky, which, if you ask me is rather cool. Priced at $160, it’s pretty good value for money considering you can use it any day of the year and it will last a lifetime.

Shop Reigning Champ Midweight Terry Robe $160

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