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This $210 Shave Set Is Better For Your Face & Bank Balance

Better in every measurable way.

Shaving is a reality all men have to face on a near-daily basis and it is quite the fine art. A great shave needs to strike a fine balance between being close to the skin, yet you don’t want to irritate the skin. Modern marketing of shaving is mostly comprised of brands showing off how they can get 10 blades onto their razor with a moisture pad and a moving head. Frankly, it’s all, for lack of a better term, bullshit.

I used to shave using a big brand razor yet somehow in contradiction to their marketing I managed to cut myself and irritate my skin every time – not to mention their blades cost a bomb. For my birthday last year, my girlfriend bought me a safety razor, bowl and brush and I haven’t looked back.

Whilst you might be under the impression that this is an archaic way to shave, I now get a closer shave, my skin isn’t irritated and I cut myself far less all from one blade. The reality is, shaving is a simple art, but modern razors and their manufacturers have overcomplicated the process, adding needless blades and features to edge out their competition.

Safety razors that you use in old school shavers are much thinner and hence can stay sharper for longer meaning you’re always getting a cleaner shave. They also have a specially designed stainless steel head that ensures you get a close cut, without the irritation of your skin. 

This $210 from Caswell–Massey is very similar to what I use and whilst it might seem expensive, hear me out. The razors I used to use cost $32.45 for four, I used one every two weeks so it cost me $194.7 a year, every year. Refills for my new razor cost $15.99 for 100 or $4.16 a year. So just after one year of using a safety razor, I’ve already gotten my (girlfriend’s) money’s worth. 

Seriously, if you’re looking for a better shave, healthier skin and a better bank balance you really ought to check Caswell–Massey’s shave set out. It will look great in your bathroom and I guarantee, you’ll look forward to using it every day.

Shop Caswell–Massey Chrome Shave Set $210

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