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This $399 Field Jacket Will Add A Cool, Military Edge To Any Outfit

Stylish, functional and tough.

Ever since the first military uniforms were introduced, military style has slowly, but surely trickled into the casual clothing we wear everyday. Some of it we love, some we hate, but it’s become quite the aesthetic in the last few years with brands reimagining some iconic pieces for the 21st century. The humble field jacket is the epitome of this and Suitsupply’s Green Waxed Field Jacket is the coolest you can get.

Made from a green waxed cotton-linen blend, the jacket is water resistant and tough like the original issue field jackets with a modern, somewhat luxurious edge. It also features four external flap pockets that are highly practical, but also give the jacket it’s rugged aesthetic. Unlike the field jackets issued in WWII, this one features a shirt collar that adds a modern touch to the classic jacket. Whether you leave it down or pop up, it’s a very cool look.

The dark green is the perfect colour for this jacket and will pair perfectly with jeans, chinos or even suit pants. Whatever you decide to wear, this field jacket will add a cool, military touch making you the sharpest and toughest looking gent in the room.

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