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Score This $179 Rolex Inspired Timex… While Stocks Last

Rolex looks, Timex prices.

A couple of months ago Timex reissued their famous ‘Q’ watch in a Rolex Pepsi inspired colourway. The watch world went crazy for it. Like, seriously crazy. It has been stocked a couple of times since the initial release and has sold out in a couple of days every single time. 

Why is it so popular? Well, it perfectly combines two iconic watch brands, from totally opposite ends of the watchmaking spectrum. Timex, founded in 1854 has built a reputation for making quality watches that are both stylish and affordable and Rolex, founded in 1905 that is regarded as the ultimate symbol of luxurious Swiss watchmaking. Whilst the Q isn’t a direct replica or copy of the Rolex GMT ‘Pepsi’ the red and blue rotating bezel is sufficient to help the wearer feel that their watch is special, akin to that oh-so-desirable Rolex counterpart. 

Pair that cool styling with quality construction and an affordable $179 price tag and you’ll easily understand the appeal of the Timex Q. Whether you’re already an aficionado, or just starting your journey, the Q is a worthy and special watch to add to your collection.

Shop Timex Q $179

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