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This $198 Italian Made ‘Shacket’ Is Year A Round Essential

Anywhere, anytime.

It seems that more and more often people are purchasing highly specialised clothing for very specific circumstances that occur from time to time. Instead, you should look to buy highly versatile clothing that can be worn year round in various different ways. Todd Snyder’s latest release, an Italian Two Pocket Utility Shirt is the perfect year round essential that can be styled for almost any scenario.

You might just think that this is just a shirt, but it can actually be style as a shirt jacket or ‘shacket’ over another shirt, polo or t-shirt which is key to this pieces versatility. Whether you deicide to rock it with jeans or over a shirt and suit pants, it will look great and can accomidate nearly any dress code you regularly encounter.

Made in Italy from a medium weight cotton twill from the world famous Albiate 1830 mill, this shirt is ultra luxe and high quality. Available in Navy, Mushroom and chestnut, you’ll find a colour to suit your wardrobe. Priced at $198, it’s a rather affordable item that is not only versatile but also luxurious.

Shop Todd Snyder Italian Two Pocket Utility Shirt $198

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