This Italian Suede Jacket Will Make You The Most Stylish Man In Any Room


The suede jacket has been made famous by most celebrities these past 12 months and we don’t see the trend showing any signs of slowing down any time soon. Unfortunately, suede jackets can be quite pricey for a good quality specimen. Expect to pay well over $2,500 to get your hands on one from the luxury brands.

Enter New York designer, Todd Snyder. The Dylan Suede Jacket is one of the best looking premium trucker jackets we’ve seen this season. You may be thinking ‘wait, but it’s pink’. Yes, it’s pink, but it also comes in blue and green. It’s made from Italian calf suede and features two pockets on the front with six-button front snap fastening.

Pair with denim or a sharp pair of navy blue chinos and white leather sneakers and you have yourself a killer combination for all smart-casual occasions. Right now you can score this sublime suede jacket for $998, pricey, but not for a quality suede jacket that looks as good as this one does. We highly recommend getting your skates on and acquiring yourself what we think is some of the coolest menswear pieces of the season.

Shop Todd Snyder Suede Jacket $998

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