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This $144 Duffel Is The Ultimate Gym Bag For Men

Talk about ticking every box…

As a gym-goer, you no doubt have some interest in your health and appearance. As a result, heading to the gym has also culminated in some snazzy gym clothing and shoes. The missing piece to this good looking formula though, is a quality gym bag that you can cart your kit around in.

Whilst on the surface a great gym bag might seem like a simple item, it needs to do quite a lot. It needs to have enough space to carry clothing, shoes, a towel, various protein and pre-workout shakers and perhaps a roller or trigger ball, yet it cannot be too bulky. It also needs to be convenient to carry and obviously good looking.

Quite the criteria now you think about it, a criteria that BAD Bags’ #4 Backpack Duffel Hybrid fulfils perfectly. It has a 69L capacity with various internal pockets that will carry every gym essential you need. It’s also a hybrid, meaning you can carry it as a duffel or as a backpack, either way, it looks very cool. The combination of all black Cordura nylon and stainless steel fittings make it look both tough and sophisticated.

Priced at $144, it’s rather reasonable, considering your getting a highly capable, versatile and quality bag that will no doubt get a lot of use.

Shop BAD Bags #4 Backpack Duffel Hybrid $144

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