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These $182 Grey Sneakers Are A Must Have For Summer This Year

The next big thing.

It is safe to say that the trend in men’s sneakers at the moment is white. They easily pair with any outfit and their breadth of pairability is unparalleled with a suit or casually with gym shorts. The best part about them? They look great.

If you have loved your white sneakers but are looking for the next big sneaker colour movement, these Ghost Suede Series 8 Sneakers by Uniform Standard might be the next step for you. They maintain the desirable sleek and minimalist lines made popular by white sneakers, however they’re constructed from light grey suede.

Whilst stone might only seem a shade away from white, the colour actually looks very different on foot. Much like white sneakers, the stone will go well with pretty much any outfit from jeans to chinos to trousers and shorts. They’re also good with natural and earthy tones that are also on trend at the moment.

For only $182 you’ll be getting a shoe that is worth a lot more. They’re hand made in Portugal from premium Italian ‘Gold’ certified suede, and feature an Italian leather lining and recycled plastic sole. In the sneaker world this is as premium as you can get from a material and construction standpoint before branding markups come in. At $182 it’s extremely reasonable.

The suede upper especially looks good in this low cut, clean silhouette. The sizing guide recommends you go with your normal shoe size as they fit similarly to most big name sneaker brands.

With time the suede will age differently to leather so it’s important to spray protectant on it once you get them to keep dust and liquid out. Providing you care for them properly, these bad boys will last you a good while. If you’re looking for an alternative to white sneakers or want to mix up your footwear, these are the best options for you.

Shop Uniform Standard Ghost Series 8 Suede Sneakers $182

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