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This $725 ‘Small Batch’ Dive Watch Is Perfect For Those Who Don’t Want A Luxury Timepiece

Done with your Seiko but not ready for a Rolex? This is the perfect watch for you.

The world of watches is an interesting place. Whilst there are many different watches at many different price points that do many different things, there does seem to be a gap in the market. Say you’ve had a Seiko SKX for a while now and you’re ready to move to something different, but you don’t want to drop thousands of dollars on a Tag Heuer Aquaracer or even more on a Rolex Submariner, what do you get? Well, Unimatic’s latest offering, the U1-FN might be the perfect option.

Unimatic is based in Italy and produces watches in ‘small batches’ meaning most of their watches are limited to around 300 pieces. Their designs are unique and typically Italian, which is refreshing in a world dominated by swiss design watches with an array of rip-offs based on those. They’re also made in Italy, which is no bad thing. In Unimatic’s relatively short history, they’ve built a reputation for creating high-quality pieces that are tremendously rugged, even in the face of harsh, challenging conditions. 

The U1-FN follows in this tradition and is made from black stainless steel that carries a water resistance of 300m, making it more capable than you’d ever need. From a design perspective, it’s typically Italian, stylish and detail-focused and in this all-black colourway, it looks like it could be something worn by a Navy Seal. Priced at $725, it’s a little more expensive than your Seiko, but nowhere near as much as more ‘luxurious’ watches. Ultimately, your paying for artisanal quality, slick styling and uniqueness. From every angle, it’s a worthy investment.

Shop Unimatic U1-FN $725 

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