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These $245 Weatherproof Sneakers Mean You Can Wear Your Favourite Shoes All Year Round

Stylishness meets capability.

The humble white sneaker has almost boundless capabilities: it’s highly versatile, stylish and a good pair will last you a lifetime. Whilst seemingly perfect, much like Superman, white sneakers do have their kryptonite: bad weather. Often made from quality leathers or canvas, white sneakers are quick to get dirty and hard to get clean, particularly when wet. Sure, we’d all love to rock white sneakers all year round, but we simply can’t, or can we?

Introducing the solution – The North 89 No-1 Weatherproof sneaker.

What exactly does ‘weatherproof’ mean? Well, the sneakers feature a waterproof upper and waxed laces meaning you can wear them in all conditions whether it be raining, snowing or even muddy. If you do happen to get them dirty on an outing, the upper makes it supremely easy to clean them. Don’t think North 89 has made these feel like gumboots though, they feature a full calfskin lining and Italian suede details on the heel to ensure they feel ever so luxurious in any conditions. As for quality, they’re made to some of the highest standards in Porto, Portugal, using only the highest quality of materials.

Priced at $245, they’re similarly priced to other high quality leather sneakers only much, much more capable. Whether you’re heading on a ski trip or simply enocunter a lot of rain, these sneakers are the perefect solution for you.

Shop North 89 No-1 Weatherproof Sneaker $245

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